How Robots From The Future Will Kill Your White-Collar Job

White-Collar Automation

Towards a More Nietzschean Antitrust Paradigm

The discussion of AI successes as a private good is a fairly pre-2010s approach. What we now know about large technology companies is that they create or capture a monopoly, throw off enormous consumer surpluses while providing their somewhat monopolistic service, relentlessly commoditize the complement, and lead to large accumulations of wealth — but that wealth doesn’t tend to get consumed, or redistributed to people with a high marginal propensity to consume. Instead it gets invested in pure research, mostly exploring space or curing all disease. So it seems that we already have all the benefits of government involvement, except that the people in charge are competent and they care about the outcomes. So shouldn’t we have a more Nietzschean attitude towards antitrust and regulation, where we promote rather than demote the success of these companies, instead?



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